Enthusiasm and Ingenuity

For our young and enthusiast team every challenge is an opportunity to prove its high qualification and to find the best possible solution.


Quality of Products

The products that we distribute and promote have the highest quality, according to the European and International standards. We work with some of the best brands in the world, and so we are always able to provide our customers the top quality products for their needs.


Respect for the Animal’s Needs

Our specialists have a very wide experience in the field, and this fact gives us the advantage of having a deep knowledge about the animal’s needs. Because we care about the health and the welfare of the animals, we always try to find the right solutions for their problems.


Dedicated to Customers

Because every client is unique, our team gathers its efforts to provide customized assistance for each one of them. We are able to do that thanks to our wide range of products and our extended network of suppliers.


Environmental Care

Our belief is that a cleaner environment is essential for the welfare of both humans and animals. We try to protect the environment by minimizing our impact upon it, especially in controlling the greenhouse gas emissions and managing the risks associated with our activity. We always choose the products that are manufactured using eco-friendly and energy efficient technologies. Environmental sustainability is an integral part of our strategy.


Social responsibility

Our concern in the animal health and welfare is also extended in the social life. Guided by the motto Mens sana in corpore sano, we support a football team, CS Sănătatea Cluj, which also has a football school. That allows the staff and trainers of our football club to dedicate all their attention and knowledge to the harmonious development of the young generations.



It’s all about health!




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